The Independents

/the∙sxilled/, [noun]: state of reaching self enrichment, building a proactive way of life.
You are gaining new skills. In our eyes you are not a student and we are not teachers, we are only facilitators of knowledge and skills.

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OnSat 15 Jun
Category: Experimental Children Stories

Create your own children story and become a child author

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OnSat 15 Jun
Category: Experimental Children Stories

لديك الفرصة لتصبح كاتب للأطفال، انضم لورشة عامل متكاملة مع فريق من أبرع الكتاب، صائغي الكلمات ومصممي الشخصيات.

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We are looking to expand our family. There are two kinds of team members: temporary volunteers (a) and (b) employees of Sxill…

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Apparently, we have 4.36 hours of leisure time a day

remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing ..

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Work with us

Our workshops are created based on research, focus groups and expert opinion. We believe that knowledge is accessible and we don't believe in hoarding it. If you have an idea in mind, we are always looking at what's new out there. It only takes a bright moon to lighten the sky. If you have a bright idea, speak to us you could be a moon.