Eman Al Ghefeli



Eman is a Brand Coordinator at Sheraa Enterprenurship Center. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Art and Graphic Design from the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University, however, her interest lies within Illustration and creative expression through different media. Eman enjoys drawing and gaming, her art is inspired by her fascination with Greek mythology, witch-lore, and magical realism. Eman believes in meaning given through a visual form - where the power of imagination can be tapped into. Within her work are untold stories of a world that of dreams - a world that may be invisible to some, but familiar to many. The magic that crawls into our lives to be the norm; an unimaginable force within us. She has a cat called Egma (Emirati for button). Some day, she hopes to open her own design studio, and a flower shop with elegant gift-wrapping services and fantastic cold brew!