Maha Al Obaidli

Creative Leader


Maha Yousif AlObeidli is the Creative Officer in Sxill Lab and she holds a bachelor’s degree in Art and Graphic Design from the college of Arts and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University. Maha believes that we are living in a rapidly changing world where creativity takes a lot of courage. she uses design as a tool to express herself and send positive messages to the world, especially when it comes to issues and challenges that require social change. She finds inspiration in textures, patterns, colors, shadows and light, which has always been her visual language. Maha loves to explore ideas without fear, she believes that it is important to not let your fears become greater than your reality. Through the power of design, she seeks to explore the beauty and identify of Arab design through Arab typography, patterns and architecture. She wants to continue to explore the ultimate beauty of fusing Arabic and English typography because design can contribute preserving culture beauty and appreciation.