Apparently, we have 4.36 hours of leisure time a day

The average leisure time for the Emirati youth (18-35) is 4.36 hours per day.

We know that the youth spend most of this time on the internet, then spending time with family or friends or relaxing. However, the least time is spent volunteering or burning calories in a sport or practicing a hobby as per a study by Amna Al Saleh an instructor at College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Zayed University on ‘Leisure Activities Among Emirati Youth’. The survey included 51,174 individuals.

Instead of pin-pointing fingers on the root of the cause, we have teamed up with Dubai Youth Council to create a series of workshops with a variety of skills to help the youth find a hobby they can practice and learn a skill that can be useful for their careers or make them more independent.

Four skills will be taught in the form of challenges to get the youth excited and stepping away from classroom style education. Multigenerational learning will be added where applicable so the youth can learn from the older generation an in turn help them get excited about millennial mindsets and behaviours.

Challenge #1: A leading company is offering you a chance to become rich. All resources are present, but only one talent needs to be mastered.

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