Pickling Box

This pickling box was inspired by our workshop on the Art of Pickling in collaboration with Huma Al Hashemi a biochemist with a talent for making great pickles and achaars.

Pickling is a great science of preserving seasonal vegetables by giving them a longer shelf life and also great for your health since it includes probiotic goodness.

This is probably your favorite pickle for it being widely popular.

Price includes delivery and VAT.

We only accept bulk order for this box whether personal or corporate.

350 AED

We will let you know when this item is available

This box includes:

All items are sourced organically for maximized benefits of probiotics. This box includes ingredients for the pickling recipe only and a full recipe book of everything else.

  • Achaar & Pickles Cookbook
  • A cool Sxill apron
  • 1 kg small cucumbers
  • Spices required
  • Herbs required
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • The Jar
  • Pickling pebble
  • Labels to mark you produce and gift to someone


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