With the simple objective of bringing wholesome, family-friendly dishes to the table and offering a venue that roleplays as an extension of one’s living room, Chef Amna Al Hashemi’s journey to conceptualizing Mitts & Trays began in 2016.

Chef Amna launched Mitts & Trays as a passion project, taking her love for baking and experimenting in the kitchen at home to the community.

Mum to 4 and an avid traveler, Chef Amna left a job in media research and hopped on the F&B entrepreneurial train in search of a culinary challenge that highlighted quality ingredients, family dining and comfort food.

While she shows keen interest in learning about modern ways to create dishes, Chef Amna finds comfort in conventional. “I am eager and willing to constantly learn new techniques and am always ready to taste new flavours,” says Chef Amna. “Although there are so many new ways to cook, my favorite would be the traditional way, where I believe you can feel the flavors and set people on a culinary journey with every bite.”

The SCAFA certified chef is also a firm believer in teaching younger generations about important work skills and ethics, encouraging interest in discovering flavor profiles and cooking. “With my children, I often urge them to try new food and consistently educate them in the matter. I would, someday, love to be able to teach the art of cooking to the youth of the UAE and open up to them a world of wonder, opportunity and flavors, just like my home kitchen did for me.”