Why do we exist

Exposure to experiences is how you’ll find your passion

Sxill offers you a variety of workshops across many disciplines.

You are not a sardine

Sxill workshops are intentionally made to small number of independents to allow customization and focused attention.

Time flies, but you can catch it

In our swift world, time is money, the influx of mails on your phone can attest to that. Sxill offers express learning with clear and tangible outcomes.

It is all about the Independents

You are the independent. Our workshops are designed to help you implement the knowledge right away and to create a do it yourself mindset.

Mentors will help you find the light

Our mentors are not only industry experts, they are also your best friend. They share knowledge with a warm breeze, alot of patience and simplified learning.

Ideas happen through collaborative work

Sxill is about community engagement and allowing you to network with mentors or independents who share your passion.

Sxill Team


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Share your passion
with the community

If you have the skill set to become a Sxill Mentor and you are passionate about your field, let us know.

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