Layth Mahdi



An Architect and Fabricator with a great interest in Advanced Robotic Fabrication. He is an award-winning designer who has already made a name for himself having collaborated with an array of international architects and being heavily involved in the design of many of UAE’s iconic projects. Layth has completed his Master’s degree of Science in Architecture and Design Researchwith concentration on Digital Technologies from the University of Michigan, United States. His projects won multiple awards some of which are AIA Middle East first place design
award and Young Artist Award first place design category.
He was the lead designer and fabricator for the award-winning design-build Tarkeeb Display Wall where he developed a great knowledge in manual and digital fabrication. Along with his architectural interest, he has developed a great interest in Digital and Robotic Fabrication. While at University of Michigan, he was chosen to be a research fellow working along with Professor Wes McGee at the Fablab at the University of Michigan where he helped developing new fabrication methods. As exposure to design research is an integral part of his learning process, Layth is currently perusing a prestigious Robotic Fabrication research fellowship in Madison,Wisconsin, United States. The fellowship is part of an ongoing industry/academy collaborative research project between Quarra Stone, Matter Design, University of Michigan and MIT on advancing digital agendas in the material stone. This rare and very respected opportunity is intended to explore what is known to be a traditional material using a highly advanced multi axis robotic that allows him to expand his experience and skills in the fabrication field.