Maryam Al Bastaki

Community Builder


Born in the mid-90s in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Maryam AlBastaki graduated from Zayed University majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Prior to her graduation, Maryam took several short courses abroad with Oxford Summer Courses (UK), University of Cambridge (UK), and University of Arts London (UK). Her courses varied from economics to PR and communications.

Maryam firstly started her journey with Sxill Lab as a volunteer in their first workshop. Today, Maryam is a Community Builder and looks after the Sxill Lab family. Along to her role at Sxill Lab, she is also the Communications Coordinator at the DIFC Courts.

In her free time, Maryam tries to hit her reading challenge for the year and a cup of coffee is must to achieve that goal. Whenever she is not working or reading, Maryam is somewhere around Dubai babysitting her nieces and nephews.