OnSat 14 Sep
Category: Experimental Hacking the Museum

Hacking the Museum will take place at Etihad Museum where attendees will learn skills on the go and compete to win workshops at Etihad Museum


OnSat 27 Jul
Category: Vocational Wood Countouring

Instead of buying a signature chair, you get to make it.


OnSat 15 Jun
Category: Experimental Children Stories

Creating your own children story and become a child author


OnSat 29 Jun
Category: Vocational Modern Emirati Cooking

Learn Emirati Cooking the simplest way and with a modern twist


FromSat 13 Apr
Category: Vocational Wood Working: Resin

Create a unique coffee table made out of wood and resin.


OnFri 01 Feb
Category: Vocational NSTI Festival: Wood Working

Basics of wood working


OnSat 02 Feb
Category: Vocational NSTI Festival: Farming

Basics of organic farming made simple


OnSun 03 Feb
Category: Vocational NSTI Festival: Origami Furniture

Origami inspired furniture


OnSat 15 Dec
Category: Vocational Challenge #3: Perfumery

هل فكرت أن تسكن ذكرياتك في زجاجة؟ أو أن تجعل الروائح تنطق بقصصك؟ أو تخرج بخلطة عطرية تروي ذكرياتك؟


OnSat 24 Nov
Category: Vocational Challenge #2: Wood Working

Wood has a language that your hand can pick-up Let’s switch-off the screen for a change.

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remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing ..

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