Books that changed my way of thinking

Whenever you are in doubt. Read. It’s a good way to build imagination, connect with your mind and find that inner calling you are longing for. 

When people say they don’t read, my first thought is you have not found that great book yet. That is all you need. I started off reading novels and fell in love with them. Then after months of mockery and loathing self-help books I decided to give them a shot. Non-fiction is helpful too, it is also necessary when you are in the world of content development and education.

Here are some books, that I found enlightening and often used them on my friends or testing their theories on their  children. Hey, its a no judgement community, remember?

Book #1:
Emotional Intelligence
Why it can matter more than IQ
By Daniel Goleman

Why I purchased the book:
I was in that phase trying to understand people. Someone once told me what differentiates great leaders from others is their ability to control their emotion.

The book gives you a practical analysis about emotion and reminds you that we control how long an emotion feels. It helps you shake off a bad mood and learn to cope with overwhelming emotions. It also helps us become aware of trails of thoughts that lead to depression and anxiety.

Book #2:
Creative Schools
By Ken Robinson

Please don’t tell me you lived on this planet and have not heard about Ken Robinson. He is one of the most viewed TED speakers ever and one of my role models.

Why I purchased the book:
Was in a confused phase in my life and my sister told me to give it a shot.

The book helps you understand education in the bigger sense. It is more than kids in a classroom and a teacher on the front line. Education is our way of finding our talents, ourselves, our aptitudes and everything we were made to become. This has personally inspired me in the journey of Sxill where we focus on small numbers of attendees in workshops with big results.


Book #3:
Burn the Business Plan
By Carl J. Schramm

Whenever you want to start a business, someone breaks your motivation by asking you to write a business plan instead of making the first step. No, writing a lengthy business plan is overwhelming not the first step. You should be out there trying things.

Why I purchased the book:
Someone posted it on Instagram, can’t remember who. Needed motivation to cope with the start-up life.

This book focuses on soft skills to become an entrepreneur which are things you should be building.  It is great for start-ups. When you focus on just writing a business plan your thoughts are focused on finances or who will be giving me the money to do it. There is also a difference between a businessman and an entrepreneur, one wants to become rich and another wants to change the game. Which one are you?

Book #4:
Surrounded by Idiots
By Thomas Erikson

I was that person who walked into Kinokuniya, saw the book, judged it. Thought it was one of those salesy self-development books like the celery challenge. 

Why I purchased the book:
Bought it after knowing that author was Swedish, no idea why.

This book helps you classify people you work with into different colors, in which some colors work best together, and others need some understanding. It also helps you identify teams and build them based on their color attributes. After reading this book. I went on a psycho mode asking everyone to answer what two colors are they the most and now I can only see them in colors and learned to enjoy their beauty. I have also stopped dealing with team members in ways that drains them, because they work in a certain way.

P.S. I’m Red/Yellow. I sometimes become Dark Red. You need to read it to get the joke.

These are some of my findings, if you have any recommendations help this girl out. Quarantine life is making me think of limited resources as plenty.