Make Your Coffee Using V60

We’re bringing you a step-by-step guide to brewing V60 Pour Over coffee as guided by Wayne Oberholzer – Drop Coffee.

V60 is one of the many methods of manually brewing coffee. The name is derived from the shape of the device and is used to brew incredibly clear flavors and aromas. The best way to think of Filter coffee is this way: imagine the best view you have ever seen. You can look at different parts of the view. You can pick out different parts of the view. You can just experience that section of the view. Well, the filter allows this. Changing parameters helps this in a big way.


Like all manually brewing methods, there is a link between the coffee ratio, water flow rate, and water temperature. However, as you get to know your coffee and the brewing method, you are able to change these parameters. Yet, there are 3 rules that CANNOT be broken.


1. Always use clean equipment. You can’t cook with a dirty pan right? The same goes for your coffee. Skip the soap, Bicarbonate of soda is your friend here.


2. Great water. Coffee is 95% water… So surely that is something you should focus on. Low Sodium is best. Different waters will change your flavor more than you can expect.


3. Freshly ground is best! Within 4 minutes of grinding for espresso, you lose 75% of your flavor. Whilst this isn’t always possible. Filter coffee losses its flavor in a much slower way. So instead of buying pre-ground at your local grocery store, go to a local roastery a get it freshly ground, only buy enough for a week… or get a proper grinder and grind it at home.


Equipment Required:

  • 18g Coffee (grounded)
  • 260 ml water
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • V60 cone
  • Jug or glass cup to collect


1- Place the dripper on top of the cup/mug. Ensure you have more than enough water to clean, warm up and brew with. Place filter paper in the dripper.


2- Heat brewing water to the required temperature and thoroughly rinse the filter paper. Discard rinsing water from the cup/mug.


3- Place a measuring jug on scales. Tare your scale. Add the required coffee beans.


4- Grind your coffee


5 - Settle & distribute the coffee evenly in your V60 cone. Tare scales.


6- Gently wet the body of coffee. Do not add more than 60g of water then wait for 40 secs.


7- At the 40 secs mark, add a further 60g of water. Be sure to add in a clockwise direction, maintain a Dirham coin size circle in the middle of the brew.


8- Every 40 secs add a further 60g of water. Do this until you reach 180g. At this point add a further 80g of water and wait for the brew to finish. Your end weight should be in the 260g range. With a total time between 2:30 and 3 mins.


9- Discard the ground coffee and filter paper. Rinse with clean water.


10- Add a small amount of coffee to your glass and let cool. Drink the coffee in different stages allowing the coffee to cool further. The cooler the coffee, the more you will experience in the cup.



Kit & Supplier Sheet

Where we got everything from. P.S. It's not an ad.


Item Supplier Description and Price Range (AED)
Coffee  beans
  1. Specialty Batch
  2. Drop Coffee
AED 50 – 180 / 250g
  1. Caffinated (Abu Dhabi) 
  2. Brewing Gadgets (Dubai)

You would only need a fancy grinder if you want to go professional. You can substitute it with a budget grinder.



Professional Grinder: AED 5000+ on average


Budget-friendly grinder: AED 999

Pouring kettle

Manual Kettle on Amazon: AED 105


Electric Kettle AED 656

V60 jug Hario V60: AED 115
Filter paper AED 26 for a pack of 100
Hario V60

Ceramic – AED 89

Copper Dripper - AED 236

Hario V60 Scale AED 330



Some of the content were extracted from:

The World of Atlas of Coffee By James Hoffman