Tips on growing your own backyard garden

The Sxill Lab team took a trip some while back to a Dubaian house to learn more about gardening and farming in a backyard.

The Sxill Lab team took a trip some while back to a Dubaian house to learn more about gardening and farming in a backyard. We saw a whole backyard flourishing with plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and so many trees, in the middle of Dubai! Our trip was very inspirational, we left feeling completely rejuvenated and passionate. We were guided by an Anonymous Khalo and she shared with us some very valuable tips. 

We are sharing them below:

1- Start slow:

When starting a new project, we tend to go all in and be overly excited to go ahead with it, which is great and gives you a push to carry on with your plan. But when it comes to building your own garden, it's better to start slow and expand it as you go along. You’d want to start with planting one tree, one raised bed planted with a couple of herbs and one vegetable and fruit. Remember this rule of ones. It will give you a chance to test out your gardening routine and fix any minor issues you face. It would be like a test run for you to see how you like things to be done.




2- Read & follow the experts:

The soil, the sky, the spot. These are the three basics you need to focus on when gardening. For your garden to flourish and to have a successful first attempt at gardening you will need to read and watch videos. This will help you with expanding your knowledge regarding different planting seasons, when to plant which exact plant, and how to water it. Many people think that it would be hard to plant many plants in our dry climate, but in reality you could grow and plant anything from broccoli to papaya and fig, you just have to know the right time and technique to do so. You can see below how diverse and big some produce can grow!




Here are some recommended Instagram accounts by Anonymous Khalo that would help you with this journey:



3- Seeds

Seeds are available in most markets and online as well. But the easiest way for you to find seeds is in your food. You could plant the seeds from your tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, avocados and lemons instead of throwing it away! You could plant them directly into the soil. If you are a more advanced farmer you could plant them in your inhouse greenhouse and then transfer them to the outside soil once it has grown a bit. More details on the greenhouse in our next gardening article – keep an eye out for that!



4- Enjoy it!

For my last tip, I’d say just enjoy every step of the process. Feel passionate about it, in the end you are dealing with living, breathing organisms. Feel them, take care of them, and they will do the same for you.